Peter is mature, seasoned, and original.  He's a singer/songwriter that has variety in his show.  Some songs are just fun, others thought provoking, most have a lot of energy and humour.   Above all else he is a musically accessible honest performer with broad appeal.  He performs as a solo act, a duo with Gwen Potter on viola or as a trio with Gwen and multi-instrumentalist David Lum in "Outside The Box".    

Peter has released two EPs, Only Halfway Home and Shady Lady and has just released his first full CD Just For The Record in late 2016.



Peter keeps audiences engaged with his energetic music and performance.  He simply relishes in making people smile, tap their feet and ponder life a little.

After playing a house concert at the Grise Fine Art Gallery in Penetanguishene, this is what Debbie Grise had to say:  Peter has a way with storytelling in song, that engages and delights his audience. Gwen adds pleasing layers to the performance with her viola d'amore and light harmonies. The two perfectly compliment each other. D. Grisé

Glen Silverthorne, music columnist for the Brantford Expositor, had this to say:

"The first half of the (performance) provided happy upbeat covers and originals starting with Kansas City.  The band immediately followed with a catchy rock original, We Belong To The Fifties.  This infectious song really got the packed house finger snapping, toe tapping, table finger drumming, or just clapping the rhythms.  During many of the vocals by Light, with Potter doing voice harmony, we heard some groovy scat singing with those ooby-doobys, da-ba da-bas, and scooby-do-bop-bops cleverly inserted into the arrangements. The trio soon followed with another original with a nice shuffle beat and written by Light called Hopelessly In Love."  Published on January 31st, 2014


Radio Play

Radio Play and quotes:


He has been interviewed three tmes in the last few years at CKWR-FM in Waterloo/Kitchener playing five songs live in their studio.


Show host Dan Joseph - "(Peter) knows how to write a hook." (audio transcript available)


102.7 Whistle Radio aired Only Halfway Home on 'Inside The Icebox' with Rick Levine.


Show host Rick Levine - "…the wisdom you can hear in his voice… He gives us the benefit of his life experience." (audio transcript available)

He did two interviews with host Nick Gush and Lucas Rogerson for the Arts and Entertainment Show on The Grand, 92.9 FM in Fergus.

As well, Song Talk Radio interviewed Peter on March 1, 2016 in Toronto -   "What a delight to have Peter Light in the studio and hear some down-to-earth songwriting. I Let Her Go was a unique take on “the one that got away”. Charlie’s Playin’ the Blues was a cool tongue in cheek visit to the world of traditional blues – done with great craft and artistry."

Peter was just featured on The Sun Parlour Sessions with Jan Hall recorded in Kingsville, Ontario for Cogeco Cable to be aired in the fall of 2017.


From an interview with Coral Andrews for the Waterloo Record, May, 2017 - "His lyrics range from amusing anecdotes, to insightful revelations about life and love seen through a melodic highly authentic lens."




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  • Vince Campbell

    Vince Campbell Claremont Ont

    Love it Peter, well written, just a great tune, love that saxophone. Jazzy, you've got it all my friend, even humour.

    Love it Peter, well written, just a great tune, love that saxophone. Jazzy, you've got it all my friend, even humour.

  • moesha

    moesha miami

    I love it

    I love it