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A Country tune! Don't write many of these.


Down, down, down
Down, down, down

Stayed out late
Three days straight
Drinkin' at Molly's Bar
Thinkin' Jack was cool
And that girl was hot

I was a bad dream
Drove my wife insane
Breakin' heads with the boys
She split one night
Now I'm paying the price

One way ticket to lonely
Shellin' out alimony
One way ticket to lonely
I'm goin' down (down down down)
Yeah I'm breakin' down (down down down)

Found a cow girl
Man could she twirl
Knocked me off my horse
But she found my flaws
And the sheets cooled off

I know love's out there
But whoa it's a nightmare
I'm becoming a monk
I'm born again single
In a female slump


Falling so fast
Falling through the cracks
Down's not so far
When I don't look up