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You know Bob's just an ordinary guy
with an ordinary life.
Just tryin’ to gettin' through it if you know what I mean
with his ordinary wife.
So he's not too sure how this all happened but
one day he looked up from his TV
at his wife Rose and well,
This is what she said....

You know that things aren't okay
Our life's a stupid cliché
Bob, we are boring
That's right, we are boring

Bob looked her square in the eye…

I don't care, I like my chair
And sitting in my underwear
Oh no, are you crying
Come on Rose, stop your crying

His dear Rose, got composed
And said, Bob I hate those game shows
So, what we gonna do
What, are we gonna do

Now Bob had no time for this:

You married me, you live rent-free
You got your friends, and your weekends
So you got a choice and I ain't no Freud
So choose, choose, choose
Choose, choose, choose
Take me or leave me

So Rose posed the inevitable question:

The passion's gone, you're withdrawn
The Price Is Right is our theme song
Well Bob, are we over
What do you think, are we over

Now Bob doesn’t naturally gravitate to these kind of
conversations so at this point he getting a wee bit got red-faced:

If you gotta go, don't make it slow
Take the dog, leave the cherrios
Give up your key, and then you’re free
And please, please, please
Please, please, please
Go quickly

So there's Bob sittin' all alone in his
lazyboy thinkin', "What the
hell just happened?
I might be boring but I'm super good looking,
Especially in my khaki underwear."
'Final Jeopardy' announces Trebek
from Bob's 52 inch.’
"Wait a minute" says Bob,
"Who's gonna cook my dinner?!
Damn. I need that woman!"

Running down the street he overheats
Stop right there this ain't fair
Rose! come on home
I can't, be alone

I'll change my style, go hog-wild
I’ll be your man, not your child
I'll wear a tie and be a fancy guy
But Rose, Rose, Rose
Rose, Rose, Rose
Don't leave me

Now Rose she thought about it,
for a microgram of a millisecond
and then responded
rather calmly

You're a jerk, you drive me berserk
You won't change, no matter what you claim
So take that Bob, or leave it
I’m gonna make it Bob. I quit

You can change your style, go hog-wild
Be my man, not my child
You can wear a tie, be a fancy guy
but Bob, Bob, Bob
Bob, Bob, Bob
You're a loser

So dear Rose turned her back
She climbed onto that bus
That's right
She never looked back

Bye bye Bob

And that's the absolutely last true story of
Bob and Rose
Bob went back to his lazyboy that’s right
He got a lot slimmer
And Rose,
Well our dear Rose……. She got a lot happier

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