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Stars jitterbug across the sky
Rain taps out a lullaby
'Cause love is music and music belongs to you

We gotta swing, sway to the beat
Let lose in all the mystique
The dance of life makes us all believe…. in

The dance of love, the dance of life
A slow waltz to paradise
Cherish all our hopes and dreams
That's the dance, dance of life
The dance of life

We do the boogie all day long
We do the hustle 'til the dawn
That's how I know that girl longs for me

That bird loves me for sure it's so
'Cause when we samba I get heat stroke
That's how she knows I long for her


(Bridge) We'll keep on dancing our whole life through
Find our groove do the old soft shoe
Me and my baby, dance the dance of life
Dance the dance of life

Piano/Sax solo


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