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You’re killin’ me
You’re killin’ me
Killin’ me all the while
I wait for the moment
When you look into my eyes
And you kill me
With your smile

Dreams of you
I have dreams of you
In the hush of the night
I still feel the warmth of your body
Next to mine
Dreams of you
Haunt my misty eyes

Don’t you remember the last time we kissed
Under the street lights on Lime Street at Fifth
You were my angel but I ain't no clown
Clocks tickin' but I won't stick around
Are you with me baby
Or is heartache waiting for me

I'm losing you
Am I losing you
To the temptations of life
If there's another
Tell me to my face
That I’m losing you
And a ride to paradise


You're killin’ me
Still killin’ me
Killin’ me all the while
I meet you on Lime Street
And you look past my eyes
You're killin' me
But that’s your style
Yeah baby, that’s your style

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