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I look around and what do I see
A fool that kinda looks like me
Can't help it here I go again
I'm like a book without an end
Mind's racing
Heart beating too fast
Palm sweating
Tongue high-jacked
Oh no, I'm hopelessly in love
I'm hopelessly in love

It's our nature it's our path
Though it's really got to do with math
So many choices, too many smiles
Just avoid the crocodiles
Open your heart
Get ready to plunge
Be true to yourself
And you will succumb
To being, hopelessly in love
Hopelessly in love

Love at first sight is a gift to behold
Beware it's tough to decode
He feels it, she might not
Hearts can go flippety flop
But when there's magic
Fireworks explode
Chemicals react
Reason implodes
Then you're, hopelessly in love, oh yeah
Hopelessly in love, oh no
Hopelessly in love

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