1. I Let Her Go
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Brent Rowan on sax, Dale Bonnet on piano, Jeff Bird on bass, Howie Southwood on drums, Peter Light on guitar and vocals


I found her note
In the morning light
It read "passion vanished
last Saturday night"
She don't love me
So I let her go

Love is frail
Always blind
Love is fickle
Man it's, it’s compromise
She don't need me
So I let her go


I'd say I'm sorry
If I was sorry
But that's a dirty old lie
She's not the one
We came undone
'Cause we were never meant to be

I dreamt I loved her
Skin to skin
But in the end we were
bad medicine
She don't want me
So I let her go


There's lotsa fish
In this lonesome sea
Ain't that easy catchin'
'Cause there's only one for me
And when I find her
I won't let her go

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